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07.08.2022  Поздравляем с юбилеем Евгения Платова!

Поздравляем с юбилеем Евгения Платова!

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«Завораживают, как питон жертву»: Платов о катании Пападакис и Сизерона, самом большом стрессе и увлечении гольфом. Елена Вайцеховская 2.02.2022

«Хотела пойти на третье золото, но политически не сложилось». Великая Грищук об Олимпиадах, Дэвис/Смолкине и врагах. В. Афанасьев SPORT24 3/02/2022

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EVGENY PLATOV (07.08.67)

Honorary Master of Sports (1994, figure skating (ice dancing)).
Awarded the Order of Merits before the Fatherland, III degree, in 1998.
Graduate of the Russian State Academy of Sports ( 1989).
Born in Odessa, the Ukraine, August 7th, 1967.
Currently living in Florida, USA.
Started skating in 1974. First coach – Boris Rublev.
Russia's National Ice Dancing Champion (1996).
European Champion (1996-98). European silver (1993, 1994) and bronze medalist (1992).
World Champion (1994-1997). World silver (1993) and bronze medalist (1992).
Olympic Champion – 1994 (Lillehammer, Norway) and 1998 (Nagano, Japan).
Winner of the ISU Grand Prix finals – 1996, 1998. Skated with Oksana Grishuk.
In Russia's national team since 1984. Coaches – N. Dubova, N. Linichuk, T. Tarasova.
Ice dancing coach.
Hobbies – sports, books, cars, aviation, golf. Height – 184 cm.
Evgeny Platov has won an entire plethora of figure skating awards of the highest caliber one could or couldn't imagine. His mesmerizing skating together with Oksana Grishuk has left no heart unstirred. Impeccable technique, exquisite taste, and sophisticated charm have made them the trend setters in the ice dancing kingdom for many years.
Evgeny is one of the last ice dancing nobles – tall, handsome, perfectly gliding across the ice. He is the ideal dancing partner. This means not only having the ideal ice dancing technique, nerves of steel, or the sense of rhythm. It is more of presenting his partner in such a way that both the audience and the judges forget they see two different people.
He is an outstanding and rare ice dancer who is able to feel his partner on the most subtle and deep level treating her as if she were a piece of jewelry or one of Stradivarius's violins, for which he has the knowledge and the skill of playing. Evgeny's skating has always been noted for amazing passion and boundless inspiration.

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